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The New Apple Computer / Motorola iPod ROKR iTunes Phone

September 11th 2005

The New Apple Computer / Motorola iPod ROKR iTunes Phone

Apple iTunes Phone

Apple Computer Inc. finally unveiled their new iPod cellular phone converging phone with iPod.  The phone, made by Motorola, incorporates the popular iPod music player. The phone is expected to sell for $249 to customers who sign up for a two year Cingular Wireless service contract.

The phone includes a camera, Bluetooth technology, speaker, voice dialing and a reasonable battery life.  The internal 512 MB flash memory card can hold 100 songs.  The iPod function lacks a clickwheel. 

The new iPod phone (dubbed ROKR) may not be so easy to use according to Jim Dalrymple of MacWorld.  After his purchase he brought the phone back to his office for a trial.  He became frustrated after plugging the phone into his Mac and iTunes.


“When first plugging the phone into my PowerBook, iTunes popped open as expected, but nothing else happened. The ROKR (pronounced rocker) was lost somewhere between the cable and my iTunes application” Jim said.  He spent a couple hours trying to figure it out.  Obviously Apple needs to work on their software.

The Apple message board includes complaints about the phone.  Eric at the apple discussion board said “Being the iTunes addict I am, i rushed out and got the phone. Impressed so far, although navigating around iTunes is a bit sluggish. Anybody agree? But my main reason for this post is that I am having trouble transferring music from my both my library and my ipod to my phone. It will not show the PLUS sign for me. Am I doing something wrong? Anybody know, please share your knowledge. “

Ultimately Apple may produce their own iPod phone.  According to Reuters the new phone might be called the iPhone.  It would likely be designed by Apple and manufactured by a contract manufacturer.

This new phone is not expected to be released within the next couple years.  They must first partner with a carrier to resell minutes and choose a contract headset maker to produce the devises which must work with the different cellular transmission standards. 


Apple has also released their new iPod Nano as a replacement for their iPod mini.  It is much small and is being received favorably. 


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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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