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Google’s Blog Search threatens Feedster Technorati and IceRocket

September 15th 2005

Google’s Blog Search threatens Feedster Technorati and IceRocket


Google Inc. has introduced a completely new search engine devoted to blogs.  The Google search already indexes blogs, but the links to them are sometimes buried among other webpages.  The pages become outdated as the content changes so many surfers are taken to pages that have changed since the regular Google Search indexed it.

Google’s Blog Search will be devoted to blogs exclusively and will be serving up more relevant data.  According to Google, blog sites that syndicate posts via RSS or Atom feeds will automatically crawled by Google on a regular basis.  According to Chris Sherman at Search Engine Watch “Google defines blogs as sites that use RSS and other structured feeds and update content on a regular basis.”

When a user conducts a search he will be served two types of results.  The first result will be matching search terms in the blog title.  The second type will include matches found in the text or posts of the blog. 


Blog search users will be able customize their results to restrict the search to blog names, authors, or to a specific date range.  Google SafeSearch technology can be employed to manage the content of the search results. 

Google is the first major search engine to make an entry into the blog search market.  This could become a serious threat to sites that have already offered a similar technology including Technorati, Feedster and IceRocket. 

Blogs have become extremely popular in recent years and a special blog search has been one of the most requested features, according to the company.  Google Search have been employed in an effort to ensure users receive the same high quality search results that they have become accustomed to.      

Google Blog Search is currently available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Korean, with additional languages to follow.  Except in rare cases Google is not including news sources in their blog search, so there's little overlap between Google News and the Google Blog search.


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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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