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Nintendo Controller for Next Generation Revolution Console

September 17th 2005

Nintendo Controller for Next Generation Revolution Console

Nintendo Revolution

Nintendo has come up with a real revolutionary controller.  At first glance it appears to be TV remote.  A closer look will reveal the standard game controls.  The sleek ivory white (other colors may be available) controller looks a little strange but packs some new features.

This controller has been developed for Nintendo’s next generation console, the Revolution, due out in 2006.  Nintendo is hoping game developers will jump into production.  The wireless controller will be able to “rumble”, similar to other game console controllers. 

The controller looks like some sort of wand where you find the traditional controls with several buttons.  Inside Nintendo has placed in the controller and TV will be able to determine the controller’s orientation.  Players will be able to affect onscreen movement by moving the controller through the air.  This could be used as a bat, gun, drum, golf club or other items.   

Nintendo Games

It includes three action buttons, a directional pad, a trigger underneath, and three buttons for start, select and home.  Laid out horizontally with two hands, the device button layout matches that of the NES controller

Nintendo has always pushed the technology envelope.  They set several industry standards including directional pads, analog sticks and the two-hands-needed orientation that most controllers have used since 1985.  They have also had some flops including the Power Glove.

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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