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Google Expected to Dominate Tech World
September 21st 2005

Google Expected to Dominate Tech World

The old search method

Google is already the dominant search engine handling half of the searches worldwide. According to a new book by author Stephen Arnold, Google may become the most dominant tech company in the world. 

Google has already challenged both Microsoft and Yahoo for the email business providing a lower cost alternative with its gmail.  They also offer a free service called Froogle that searches for products sold online.  For instance, if you are looking for a motorcycle, Froogle will list the prominent vendors and their prices.   

Not only does Google provide the most relevant word searches, Google has also cataloged the image world, providing image searches.  Google is becoming the leader in news searches, providing relevant data on news stories.  If you have ever tried a simple web search for a news item you know how difficult it is to find that story.

Search Engines

Since news stories are “new”, they have few links to them.  For example in a regular web search the news would be buried on page 5000.  Google News solves that problem by bringing content from various news organizations together. 

Recently Google added their Blog Search.  This works similar to the news search, but excludes news stories.  Blogs typically are opinion pieces. Google has also offered a new service called Google Press, that provides books from prominent libraries for viewing on the Internet.

So what’s next?  According to Stephen Arnold, Google’s patents may place the company into direct competition with Microsoft with “virtual” applications.  Microsoft has enjoyed dominance in the word processing market, the spreadsheet business and other applications.   

Arnold said in his book that Google has created a supercomputer ready to deliver a host of applications to anyone with a Web browser.  This means that you will be able to use similar applications over the Internet, according to ZDnet.  Currently Stephen Arnold’s book is only available in PDF form.


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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

 Search Engines

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