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Image and Text Hyperlinks using Microsoft FrontPage  

September 25th 2005

Image and Text Hyperlinks using Microsoft FrontPage

FrontPage hyperlink window

The Internet would be useless without hyperlinks.  This allows users to travel from page to page.  Hyperlinks are incredibly easy to create using Microsoft FrontPage.  We will cover how to make them in this article.

You can Hyperlink images or text.  You use the same procedure to hyperlink both.  Start by creating your document.  In a previous article we described how to create a webpage using FrontPage and FrontPage custom templates. 

Personally, I like to create the word content with Microsoft Word.  MS Word more features than FrontPage like synonyms, dictionary and grammar checker.  After I have typed the text in MS Word I copy it over to the web page I created in FrontPage.

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Now, how do you make the hyperlinks?  Here again, there is no need to program HTML.  FrontPage handles it all.  Let’s say you want to hyperlink the word iPod.  Select the word iPod by dragging my mouse over it, and then right mouse click the word.  The bottom option in the dropdown menu is “hyperlink”.  Click it. 

Figure A shows the hyperlink option window.  In the middle of the window you will see a list of web pages in your web.  You can maneuver your way over to the page you want if the hyperlink is in that web.  This is similar to maneuvering your way around with Windows Explorer. 

If the webpage you are wanting to hyperlink to is outside your web on another website, you will need to copy the complete path to that webpage from a browser.  Copy it into the Address field in that window (figure A).  The right mouse click copy / paste drop down does not work with this field entry.  You will need to click on the address field and press the CONTROL key and the V key at the same time to paste.  You can also use the little browse web button in the same window.

There is another handy option in that Insert Hyperlink window.  On the right side of the window you will see a Target Frame button.  Press it.  If you click the New Window option the hyperlink will open in a new window. 

There is an advantage to having the page open in a new window.  When the user is done browsing and they close out the browser, your webpage is still there underneath. The disadvantage is that some users will get confused because they can’t click the back button to get back to your page.  Personally, I like the New Window option.

You can set up bookmarks on your web pages and actually hyperlink to that bookmark.  We will discuss bookmarks in another article.


You can also select the e-Mail option.  This will allow you to hyperlink to the users email program to send an email.  The fields are self explanatory.  Type in the email address and also type in the subject of the email.  It is a good idea to type in a subject, just in case the web surfer forgets to.  I like to add the date I created that webpage in the Subject line.

Figure A - Click the image to enlarge

Internet Explorer offers a title function for hyperlinks.  This will allow the user to hold the mouse over the hyperlink causing a small text message to pop-up.  This may not work for all web browsers.

You can hyperlink images in the same way.  Just insert your image into the webpage and right mouse click it.  The same dialog box pops up.  Follow the same instructions above.

In future articles we will discuss bookmarks and image processing including image mapping.


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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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