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Apple Announcement may be for iPod Video Player

October 6th 2005

Apple Announcement may be for iPod Video Player

Apple iPOD Video

The Apple Computer Inc. iPod is one of the most popular devices of the new millennium.  Madison Avenue’s favorite target audience with billions of dispensable income and no mortgage payments is the new generation born after 1985.  Call the generation what you want, but they have made Apple very successful again by buying up the new iPod.

What can be more popular than an iPod?  How about a video iPod?  Many insiders expect Apple to make a big announcement next week concerning a new video version of the iPod.  The company has scheduled a new conference next Wednesday. 

Of course Apple could announce something completely different like a new PowerBook or PowerMac.  They could publicize a new AirPort device that would allow users to broadcast data around the home without wires. 


If the announcement concerns the video iPod most would expect it to have at least 60 GB of memory. It would probably look similar to the iPod player and would be able to play music or audio files, show images or video. 

Either way, we will have to wait until Wednesday to find out.

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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