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New Inform.com News Aggregator for News and Blogs Available in Beta

October 17th 2005

New Inform.com News Aggregator for News and Blogs Available in Beta

Inform.com Website

A new news aggregator has been developed and is available for use in a beta version.  The new website, Inform.com, appears to have more bells and whistles than other aggregators including Yahoo, Google News and Topix but with fewer news sources.

Since the site is in beta more sources might be expected in the future, after all Google and others are continually adding new news sources. 

News aggregators have become popular because it takes time for regular search engines to pick up on relevant news stories.  For instance, if you are looking for news story concerning a prom cancellation, some search engines will have the story buried on page 40060. 


The company says the site works best with IE 6.0 or later.  For us the site did not load with our Internet Explorer 6.0 browser.  It did load in Firefox fine, but according to Inform, not all features including unique navigational aspects can be utilized with Firefox.  It is in beta and we expect the problem to be solved.

Standard features include a customizable channel, news separated by category.  Categories include Sports, Lead Stories, US and world stories, health, business and sci tech.  Free registration will give users full access of their services.   

Hot channels will break many categories into smaller groups.  For instance under gadgets you will find news related to cell phones, digital cameras, digital music players.  This is a great way for people that have a narrow interest to sort through relevant stories. 

Remember the site is still in beta.  We were logged out because of inactivity.  That could be troublesome.  They have limited the news sources to 1000.  We could not find an advanced search yet, nor a RSS service.  It will be interesting to follow the site and their future evolution.

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer


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