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Google Base may offer Content including Classified Ads

October 26th 2005

Google Base may offer Content including Classified Ads

Google Base

There is a multitude of services that Google offers including translating documents, news searches, a photo sharing service, Blogs and oh yah, Internet searches.  Now it appears Google will offer classified ads. 

Isnít that similar to what eBay does?  Yes, but how will Google compete against the well established auction site?  According to Google they will not be competing.  Ebay is a major advertiser on Google. 

Most believe the new Google Base, as it appears to be called, will allow various types of content, not just classified ads. It appears that Google will likely offer the service for free, but insert their advertisements in the margin. 


So if you place an ad for you broken toaster in the Google classifieds the company will also place ads next to yours for broken toasters at eBay and Amazon.  What a concept. Google would generate advertising revenue from your advertisement. 

Eileen Rodriguez told the San Jose Mercury News in an email that the company was testing ``a new way for content owners to submit their content to Google.''    

Google already offers a free advertising service for businesses called Froogle. Google generates revenue with this service by posting text ads along side the free Froogle ads. 

According to the International Tribune, Google Base was discovered on Monday by Tony Ruscoe, a British programmer.  Tony has created an automatic program to search for sub-domains accessible at Google.com.

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer


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