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Really Simple Syndication and Article Submissions have become a Powerful Tool

November 4th 2005

Really Simple Syndication and Article Submissions have become a Powerful Tool

Best Syndication RSS Feeds

Before the Internet your news sources were extremely limited.  Nowadays there are a multitude of news sites including news aggregators.  Both Yahoo and Google offer news aggregation sites.  Google recently offered RSS feeds for all of their news sources including The New York Times, The Washington Post and Best Syndication.  All a user needs is a free RSS feeder installed on their system.

Some news organizations such as Forbes offer separate news feeds for different subjects.  BestSyndication.com has followed suit offering RSS feeds for business, health, science / technology, commentary and entertainment news. 

Categories have been narrowed down even further.  Best Syndication also offers news feeds for cancer research, high blood pressure, search engine optimization SEO, home business, eBay features and more.

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Best Syndication also accepts article submissions.  If you are interested in seeing your article published and distributed to various search and news engines just follow the one step process.  Best Syndication editors will do the rest. 

Article submissions are a popular way to promote a website or business.  Many articles are submitted with links in order to increase a websites ranking on various search engines.  Many of the better search engines, including Google, rank sites according to incoming links.

Best Syndication is looking for useful content.  They do not publish press releases or straight advertisements for products at this time.  Best Syndication does publish informative articles.  If the article is informative, promoting a particular product or service is permitted.  For instance if an article is informative concerning Real Estate law or sales, it is permissible to link and promote a brokers site as long as the article is informative.

There are other submission sites including Promotion World, PRweb, and Web Pro News.  These sites may want to charge you for services or make it very difficult for you to locate your published article.  At this time Best Syndication does not charge a fee and will email you a link to your articles permanent location. 

Really Simple Syndication and Article Submission make Best Syndication and other news sites a valuable resource for web developers.  These sites also offer the freelance writer an opportunity to get their material published.   

By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer


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