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How to Create Really Simple Syndication RSS / XML web pages

November 5th 2005

How to Create Really Simple Syndication RSS / XML web pages

XML Code for RSS page

It has got to be one of the simplest programming tasks.  Basically all you need is a page formatted in XML format and with an .XML extension.  Here is what you need to do.

RSS feeds need three portions of data to make a news feed.  The first is the title.  This is the title of your article.  This will be placed within title tags <title> ….  </title>.  The second is the description placed within the description tags <description>  …. <description>.  The last necessary component is the link that must be placed within the link tags <link> ….  </link>.

So after you complete an article or blog just create a new feed in your XML page with those tags.  We usually copy the last XLM feed and then paste it above the first one and then fill in the tags with the new feed criteria.  Then save it and upload the page to the website.


We have divided our feeds into separate categories.  We always post the articles in our all inclusive main feed.  If the article has business relevance we will copy the XLM code for that feed into the separate business XLM / RSS page.

Here is some sample code:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<rss version="2.0">

        <title>Best Syndication News</title>
        <description>Current Events News Feed</description>
            <title>PUT YOUR RECENT ARTICLE TITLE UP HERE</title>
            <description> THIS SHOULD BE YOUR RECENT ARTICLES DESCRIPTION  ...</description>
            <link>PUT THE LINK TO THE RECENT WEB PAGE HERE</link>

            <title>Costa PUT YOUR OLDER ARTICLE TITLE UP HERE </title>
            <description> THIS SHOULD BE YOUR OLDER ARTICLES DESCRIPTION  ...</description>
            <link> THE LINK TO THE OLDER WEB PAGE HERE </link>


I capitalized the words that you need to fill in yourself.  You should not capitalize the words or the link.  If you are using Microsoft’s Front Page program to generate pages, just save the page as an XML before you edit it.

Then link your XML page so that people can find it from your web pages.  What good would it be if no one knew where it was?

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer


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