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eEye Discovers Security Flaws in Apple Computer iTunes and QuickTime

November 20th 2005

eEye Discovers Security Flaws in Apple Computer iTunes and QuickTime

Apple iTunes

eEye Digital Security has found a critical vulnerability in some versions of Apple Computers iTune.  The newest version released just a few days ago has this vulnerability.  The flaw could enable attackers to remotely take over a userís computer. 

So far the hole has been discovered in iTunes 6 for Windows.  It was not fixed in the latest security update and eEye is trying to determine if the same vulnerability affects the Mac users.

The flaw enables hackers to launch an arbitrary code remotely when a user browses a malicious website or opens an infected email.  This critical vulnerability will then allow an attacker to take over a machine remotely. 


eEye also warns of a critical security flaw in Apple Computers Quicktime media player.  This vulnerability affects both Mac and PC platforms. 

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer


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