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More Problems and Security Holes Found in Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser

December 4th 2005

More Problems and Security Holes Found in Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser

Opera Browser

New Internet Explorer (IE) vulnerabilities have been exposed by  Israeli hacker Matan Gillon.  This new hole gives phishers a way to scan the hard drives of Google Desktop users, when the IE browser is used.  Apparently there is a flaw in the way IE processes Web pages. 

Malicious Websites could steal sensitive information like credit card numbers or passwords from your hard drive when visiting sites where the pages are created with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).  These “style sheets” are a quick method some developers use to make the site look uniform with the same fonts and headers on each page (along with other functional appearances).

The hole will allow thieves to scan the hard drives of Google Desktop users and even steal sensitive credit card information you may have stored in your emails (or elsewhere).  They can also take your stored password information. This can all be done by reading the Google Desktop Web interface itself. 


A person can use fraud by sending you an email asking you to visit their site.  This activity is called phishing.  If you are using IE and have Google’s Desktop installed the hacker can access any of your desktop applications.

The experts agree this is a flaw with IE and not in the Google Desktop application.  You can avoid being compromised by switching to another Internet browser like Opera or Firefox.  Opera has an advantage of built in RSS reader, but both use a tabbed page format.  You can have multiple pages open in the same browser. 

Your other option is to turn off the JavaScript in their IE browser.  You can disable Active Scripting in the IE Internet Options panel / menu.  If you do this you will lose some functionality.  Our advice is to download Opera and save yourself the headache.

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer


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