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Basic Internet Protection with Firewalls  Virus Software and Spyware

December 6th 2005

Basic Internet Protection with Firewalls  Virus Software and Spyware

Firewall Software

Most security experts will tell you that you need three things to protect your computer from hackers.  You will first need a virus scanner to locate and remove viruses from your hard drive and email.  Grisoft makes a virus scanner that works well (AVG free version).  You will also need a program to scan your hard drive for spyware including Trojans and Keyloggers. 

The third thing you need is a good firewall.  Windows XP comes with a built in firewall, but most experts argue that this firewall is not sufficient.  A couple popular firewalls are Grisoft and Zone Labs.  Grisoft bundles their firewall with their virus scanner for $50 per year.  Zone Labs will sell you their suite of security products for $40.  The basic Zone Alarm firewall is free.  I have used both and run into problems with both. 

Our systems are networked and the firewall runs on the server.  We were unable to run some of our specialty programs from behind the ZoneAlarm firewall unless we took the security slider level all the way down.  This made the firewall useless.  The AVG firewall just quit working one day and none of our systems could access the Internet.


McAfee offers a firewall for $30.  Symantec also offers a firewall for $50.  There is a long list of other available firewalls at download.com.  Download will offer you Pros and Cons for the products.  Some of the smaller-name firewalls have comments like “locked up my system”.  These are the things you don’t want to see. 

Since we had a problem with the AVG firewall today we are considering switching to a new one.  We have tried the Zone Alarm product.  It works great.  Unlike the Grisoft AVG firewall, when we told the program the trusted network computers IP address range it let all of our network traffic pass.

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

  Firewall Software

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