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How to protect yourself from the new Instant Messenger Worm

December 21st 2005

How to protect yourself from the new Instant Messenger Worm


All of the major instant messaging networks have been hit with a new worm.  A URL is included with the message luring unsuspecting recipients to what they believe is Santa Claus site.  The bogus site infects the users system using a hidden rootkit.

The worm is spread by taking the client contact list from one computer and sending IM’s to those recipients.  The rootkit elements cloak the worm and then begin to try to disable security software (anti-virus software programs).  IM Logic says that “By operating as a rootkit, the process is hidden from all tools and anti-virus software.”

IM-Logic first brought this threat to the attention of the public.  According to the company the worm begins to log all of the keystrokes (becomes a key logger).  It also checks the network of the infected computer. 


The IM clients end up downloading a file usually called Gift.com.  But this is only the  most recent threat to IM users.  According to IMlogic “A steady climb throughout 2005 shows a disturbing trend. IM threats are more popular than ever and this momentum is increasing. November was the most dangerous month to date with a record number of unique threats being discovered.”

There are some prevention steps that can be taken.  IMlogic provides software that will protect your system.  According to the company, “IMlogic customers running IM Manager 7.0 or later are now protected via auto-update. Others can block this threat by using Content Filtering in IM Manager. Also administrators should ensure they have the latest signature updates from their anti-virus provider.”
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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer


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