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Yankees beat the Red Sox

July 16th 2005

Yankees beat the Red Sox Baseball image

Yankess Beat the Red Sox

Randy Johnson, pitcher for the New York Yankees, won his third straight start with 10 strike outs in New York’s win over the Boston Red Sox.  The Yankees beat the Sox seven to four today, assisting Johnson’s record to 10 wins and 6 losses. 

One of the highlights was Alex Rodriguez’s homer in the third inning Following a double by Gary Sheffield. 

Johnson was pulled in the seventh inning after allowing four runs on eight hits and three walks.  Tom Gordon got five outs leading to Mariano Rivera’s 22nd consecutive save.  Johnson had his 206th double digit strikeout game of his career, trailing only Nolan Ryan with 215 double digit strikeouts.

The Red Sox Curt Schilling pitched a perfect 9th inning, but that was not enough to prevent the loss.  The Red Sox could not rally a win.  


Clement gave up two walks in the second inning, but escaped with three consecutive strikeouts.

By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer


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