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Alex Smith Contract worth $50 Million

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The 49rs made history Monday by signing Quarterback Alex Smith.  Smith became the highest paid rookie to the National Football League (NFL) earning $24 million guaranteed.  The newest 49er will be paid $49.5 million (ESPN estimate) for a six year contract, with a potential of earning $51 million (Associated Press Estimate). 

The rookie is expected to battle veteran Tim Rattay (2-14 last year) for the starting job.  It was important for Smith to get to training camp before it started next week. 

The $24 million bonus topped Eli Manning’s bonus of $20 million last year for signing with the New York Giants.  The San Diego Union Tribune reported that the Smith deal could net Tom Condon of the IMG agency $8.25 million per year.  Eili Manning is also represented by Condon.

Smith led the Utah Utes to a 12-0 season in his last year (Junior Year).  He went on to beat Pittsburgh in the BCS Bowl win at the Fiesta Bowl.  He completed 185 of his 280 passes for 2,624 yards and 28 touchdowns with just four interceptions.  He rushed for 563 yards and 10 touchdowns finishing fourth in the Heisman Trophy voting. 


This deal may have set the bar for other first round draft choices. 

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer


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