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5 Tips to Help Kids with ADHD Enjoy Christmas

December 14th 2005

5 Tips to Help Kids with ADHD Enjoy Christmas


Parents of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) often cringe during the holidays. The expectation of presents and chaotic busyness can turn already energetic children into spinning tops.

Celebrate!ADHD, which provides positive solutions for families affected by ADHD, has developed a list of “5 Tips to Help Children with ADHD Enjoy Christmas.”

“Most families self-destruct and miss out on the spirit of the season,” says Celebrate!ADHD Founder Kirk Martin. “We think parents can make this the most special holiday season ever by working with their child’s nature, instead of against it.”

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Martin recommends that parents take advantage of their child’s personality and learning style by following these five tips to enjoy a peaceful, meaningful Christmas.

1. Give your child less stuff and more time. More presents condition our kids to be unsettled and bored. Our kids crave one-on-one time. So instead of buying more toys with short life-spans, create lasting memories by giving coupons for experiences your child can enjoy with you.

2. Cultivate your child’s inner gifts, instead of focusing on buying gifts. The real treasure this Christmas should be found inside your child, not inside Best Buy. Confidence and a sense of purpose are built by reinforcing your child's natural gifts, talents and passions. Give presents that reinforce and develop your child’s gifts and talents—whether it is building (LEGOS), drawing (easel and pad) or being strategic (chess, board games).

3. Shower your child with praise, not presents. Our kids soak up positive reinforcement because they hear it so infrequently. Want to give a gift they will remember forever? Recognize and reward their positive qualities and catch them doing good things.

4. Make giving, not receiving, the centerpiece of your family’s traditions. Our kids have big, compassionate hearts and like to be part of something meaningful. So turn your family’s holiday efforts to the less fortunate.

5. Take a holiday from your stress and negativity. Spend the next few weeks building up your child. Say only positive statements. Reward progress, celebrate small wins. Expect the best and encourage your child to live up to higher expectations rather than down to low ones.

You may just be surprised how fun and meaningful the holiday season can be when you take advantage of your child’s creativity, gifts and talents and compassionate heart.


For more free tips to improve your child’s confidence, social skills and school performance, simply request the Celebrate!ADHD newsletter by visiting www.celebrateADHD.com or emailing Founder Kirk Martin at ADHDcamp@aol.com.


By Kirk Martin
Celebrate!ADHD Founder Kirk Martin is a nationally recognized expert on helping families with ADHD find positive solutions to everyday problems at home and in school. He can be reached at ADHDcamp@aol.com or through www.celebrateADHD.com.

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