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President Tours to Promote his Medicare Drug Program

July 16th 2005

AARP and the Presidents New Medicare Program Plan

AARP and other Support Plan

President Bush is on a National Road tour to promote his Medicare Drug Benefits Plan.  The plan is expected to benefit retirees approximately $1300 per year.  His tour opened in Minnesota and has traveled to Maine, thus far.

The exact details have not been revealed leaving many retirees wondering what the new package will entail.  Questions remain about the types of drugs covered and monthly premiums.  These should be answered in September. 

Everyone enrolled in Medicare may subscribe to the prescription drug coverage.  Healthy people are less likely to benefit from the plan, leaving industry analysts wondering about the plans viability.  If only heavy drug prescription users sign up for the plan, the question remains “How can the system break even?”


There are also questions as to who benefits from the plan?  Many corporations and public interest groups plan on spending millions of dollars in an effort to sell the package, including AARP, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies and people with chronic diseases.  

Many civil libertarians claim this is just another payoff for special interests.  As the November 15th sign up day gets closer, many wonder how a “conservative” could promote such a complicated and gigantic expansion of a government program. 

According to Libertarian International, a Libertarian Think Tank, in the thick of the 2000 presidential campaign, executives at Bristol-Myers Squibb, one of the nation's largest drug companies, received an urgent message: donate money to George W. Bush.  They believed “Those donations may soon pay off handsomely for the pharmaceutical business.”

By Tom Madison
Freelance Writer


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