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Lack of Liberty caused Outsourcing and Loss of Jobs

September 8th 2005

Lack of Liberty caused Outsourcing and Loss of Jobs

Regulations Costs Jobs

By definition legislation usually removes liberty.  I believe the lack of liberty has cost us more than our freedom but jobs as well.  Lack of liberty has caused American goods to cost more than good manufactured in other countries. 

Two factors have caused Americans to lose their jobs.  First is the cost of regulation:  There is a cost to regulation.  American employers (and ultimately the American people in general when they purchase American products) must pay for workmans comp insurance, disability insurance, unemployment insurance and the associated accounting involved in those programs plus the income tax withholding, child support collections, college loan collections, etc.

Collective bargaining laws have made America less competitive.  They have taken the liberty away from the employer.  This puts the American employer / company at a disadvantage. Minimum wage laws also put American companies at a disadvantage. 


Both the collective bargaining and minimum wage laws hurt the poor.  Not only do these laws make Americans less competitive they also put a burden on the poor, disabled and fixed income citizens.  These laws raise the cost of everything.     

The second factor is the cost of taxation and corporate handouts:  There is a cost associated with giving money to corporations.  Subsidizing corporations will take away their competitive incentive.  It also costs the taxpayer.  The citizen / taxpayer is the best arbiter of the market.  Government is not the bet arbiter of funds.  Funds are not dispersed according to the highest and best use, but to the highest corporate bidder. 

Although these laws may be appealing to the average employee, they cause problems.  Laws by definition take away our freedom.  It is so tempting to try to solve perceived problems by passing some legislation.  It is obvious to me that these laws have made us less competitive in the world and has added to the deficit. 


Since the cost of everything here has gone up so much it has made it easier for Americans to buy foreign goods and made it harder for people in other countries to buy ours.  A strong dollar is not necessarily good.

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By Tom Madison
Tom is an Freelance Writer

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