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Business Logistics Companies Between China and Argentina

August 5th 2005

Business Logistics Companies for China and Argentina


Buenos Aires, Argentina – Seabird Argentina S.A. has started moving inbound containers of chemical products ex-China to Buenos Aires for one of Latin America’s leading chemical trading companies, Inmobal Nutrer. Seabird is working with their Global Expeditors Network partner (GEN), Trek Logistics on this business. “Because the importer buys from several suppliers in China and Trek Logistics offers a good network throughout China, Trek Logistics and their director Stephen Yau have proven to be good partners for us,” says Christian Wunderlich, of Seabird Argentina.

Although the shipments are harmless chemicals, there is still extra documentation involved which include extra time and expense, such as safety data sheet requirements. As the shipments from the China side are FOB, many suppliers and carriers in China are not very willing to help out with these issues. “We have found that COSCO and China Shipping have been flexible with us in these shipments where other carriers have not,” says Wunderlich, “since this is a very interesting account, possibly up to 80 teu per month, we need carriers to show more flexibility.”


Seabird Argentina (seabird.com.ar) and Trek Logistics are both members of the Global Expeditors Network, a network of independent professional international logistics companies who are represented on every continent.

By Theresa Nguyen
Business Columnist / Writer  www.dkassociates.biz

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