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Ethanol  Alternative Energy Innovations Will Lower Gas Bills

October 30th 2005

Ethanol  Alternative Energy Innovations Will Lower Gas Bills

Ethanol may lower Gas Bills

The history occurring in recent patent applications reveals more efficient production of Ethanol from Biomass using transgenomics.

Ethanol production requires nearly complete hydrolysis. Most of the commercial applications for cellulase enzymes represent higher value markets than the fuel market. For this reason, enzymatic hydrolysis of biomass to ethanol remains non-competitive.

Now, to degrade the cellulose in the lignocellulose complexes, the lignin must first be degraded. While lignin can be removed in chemi-mechanical processes, the chemi-mechanical processes are inefficient. Ligninase and cellulase enzymes, which are produced by various microorganisms, have been used to convert the lignins and cellulose, respectively, in plant biomass to fermentable sugars. However, the cost for these enzymes is expensive.

An attractive means for reducing the cost of degrading plant biomass is to make transgenic plants that contain cellulases.


Corn is a preferred plant because it is a major crop in the United States.

In summary, we live at a unique moment in history when innovative processes utilizing transgenomics are being developed at a recently accelerated rate. And, I predict that these technological advances along various steps of the corn breakdown stage from biomass to lignocellulose to pentose sugars to (the zymomonas-mobilis step) to the 2-carbon alcohol will soon yield lower cost Ethanol. If cars are tuned to run on a blend of 50% gasoline and 50% ethanol, gas bills will come down.

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By Bud Labitan
Bud is a physician, software developer and Purdue University MBA business graduate.  Contact Bud

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