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GM Microsoft Lilly and the Xbox360 Connection

November 25th 2005

GM Microsoft Lilly and the Xbox360 Connection

X-Box 360

I feel bad about 30,000 GM workers losing their jobs.  Where can they go?What can a modern vibrant American economy offer them?
New Hope?  I recently thought about this problem while considering a run for the 2006 US Senate seat from Indiana.  As a young Republican Moderate, what could I do to help these folks?  Brainstorm and Broker multiparty deals?
Here is one idea I came up with.  Since there are huge amounts of genetic sequences yet to be classified, Imagine if a Senator Bud Labitan (R) from Indiana, could broker and encourage a deal between Lilly, Microsoft, and GM to develop a simple plan to convert 30,000 “GM line workers” into gene-segment analysts or "knowledge workers."
Now, imagine that these workers are all connected on a networked X-Box360 running a simple research software application (developed by Lilly, Microsoft, and GM) from their homes, within 6 months. 
This temporary WPA-like program would help accelerate the discovery of genetic instructions.  And, just like road building, new innovations would be developed as the projects progressed.  Setting the proper incentives and time limits to government subsidized programs like these could facilitate the transfer of work groups back into a stimulated private sector of biotech knowledge work.

If such a big conversion of industrial to knowledge work were brought about successfully, we would all benefit from more medicines and better health products developed.

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By Bud Labitan
Bud is a physician, software developer and Purdue University MBA business graduate.  Contact Bud

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