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Beware   Is Your Website Generating System Really Turnkey?

November 2nd 2005

Beware   Is Your Website Generating System Really Turnkey?

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Many newbie internet marketers fall for the deceptively simple 'turnkey' website or internet marketing system. Unaware, they buy a turnkey system, perhaps even with a year of hosting, and expect the money to come pouring in within 30 minutes. The hours pass, and the days pass. They realize there was something not included in this 'turnkey' system: customers or a way to get them.

Ewen Chia recognized this problem and developed a brilliant system for the newbie marketer: a turnkey website with what might be called a traffic generation laboratory. The system itself is monetized from front-end to back-end, and the ad copy is superb, ensuring high conversion. You can see the introductory ad copy for yourself.


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Here comes the unique part. The system includes 500 targeted customers. BUT these customers aren't bought by Ewen and sent to you, leaving you in the dark as to how to get your own customers in the future. Instead, Ewen sets YOU up in a system with a fantastic user interface so that you can learn for yourself how to generate your own traffic. Within minutes, you are submitting different ads over the net at no additional cost.

Several reports are also provided which help you in experimenting with this system as well as exploring other available traffic generation mechanisms, a number of which are free and simple to try. In addition, a lifetime membership site is provided with ongoing submissions by the "Super Affiliate's Super Affiliate" to develop internet marketing skills.

This amazing mentoring system has a newbie generating traffic for his own site within minutes and then develops and grows his internet marketing skills.

Ewen has found a way to overcome one of the pitfalls of many 'turnkey' systems through his included traffic generation system. This method could easily be modeled by advanced internet marketers to develop their own turnkey systems to sell.

Most importantly, newbies need to be aware that many 'turnkey' systems will require additional investment and training to turn their system into a money-maker. In order to avoid that, they should look for a turnkey system which includes a traffic generation system they can personally learn and use.



By Sarah Miller  Ph.D.
After spending years in hi-tech and education, Sarah is integrating her interests in medicine, hi-tech, and business through internet ventures.  Contact Sarah

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