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Hoodia Marketing Frenzy Has Consumers Confused

November 25th 2005

Hoodia Marketing Frenzy Has Consumers Confused


With the popularity of Hoodia Gordonii as an all natural appetite suppressant and weight loss aid at an all time high, so to is the confusion over it. Consumers don't know what to look for when purchasing, and more recently, there is controversy over dosage. The confusion is being fueled by those marketing it.
Quality hoodia is either pure Hoodia, or Hoodia in a formula, from the Kalahari Desert areas of South Africa. Hoodia from Texas, Mexico or China has not been shown in clinical trials to suppress appetite and aid in weight loss. Much of the very inexpensive Hoodia on the market is sourced in places other than South Africa.
A quality Hoodia product is obtained using only the "core" or the heart of the stems of the Hoodia Gordonii plant. Of the 20 or more species of Hoodia, the Gordonii is the one that contains the active molecule P57 that acts on the hypothalamus to suppress hunger pangs. Many other Hoodia species may be on the store shelves but they will have no effect on your appetite.
How much Hoodia do you need to help you eat less and achieve your weight loss goals? The answers are a varied as the brands that are available. There is so much confusion over Hoodia that it is no wonder the consumer is frustrated and bewildered when it comes to knowing what brand to buy and how much to take. Each brand has a recommended dosage for their product.
"Hoodia should be taken in a manner and in an amount that will work for the individual, with the emphasis on individual" said Hoodia Diet Sense wholesaler Deborah Patrie. People are not all the same, having different appetites and different metabolisms. Body mass may play a part in what amount works for an individual.
"So rather than dictate a number of mgs. per serving and say that is the correct amount for everyone, we suggest using a method of titration to find the correct dose for yourself". To do this a tablet of smaller size is needed so one can slowly build up the dose over time to find the correct dose that inhibits appetite. If 500 or 750 mgs. is effective, why use 1000, 1250 or more? If different circumstances call for different dosages then why not customize?
"That is why we made Hoodia Diet Sense in the smaller 250 mg tablets". This allows you to find the dose that works for you and not waste your money taking an amount in excess of what you need to achieve results. This is not a new concept. Many medicines are titrated this way and it make sense.
The people trying to convince you that you need a large amount of Hoodia to suppress appetite are the merchants of these high dose preparations and the marketing people. Deborah Patrie from concludes "using one’s own judgment when deciding the proper amount of Hoodia to take will not only yield good results it may even save money in the long run".
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