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NASCAR president Inspects Damage from Tornado

Tornado clean up at NASCAR race track

Nascar Raceway Damaged

On July 6th a F2 rated Tornado created from Tropical Storm Cindy touched down in the Atlanta Motor Speedway causing an estimated $40 million in damage.  NASCAR president Mike Helton inspected the damage on July 27th, and stated that the track should be back functioning by October 30th of this year.

The worst damage to the speedway was the suites that overlook Weaver grandstand.  Helton was once a public relations manger and a general manager at this speedway more than 20 years ago and helped with the remodeling on this track.  "It looks like my stuff didn't hold up too well," Helton said. "Oh well, you just have to take it in stride."

After this inspection of the track it looks like the Nextel Cup race this fall will go on as planned.  Helton said that all the basics are in place, the race surface, catch fence and garage areas are all ready to go at this time.

The Thursday Thunder Legends series will continue, however they will not have the grandstands with fans at this time.  The only way the fans can see this race is to purchase pit passes.


Ed Clark, the residing top executive at this track, is working diligently to fix the track.  He expects the speedway to be completely operational by Oct 14th.


By Nicole Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer


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