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Homeowners Insurance that Fits You How to compare Multiple Home Insurance Quotes

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Homeowners Insurance that Fits You How to compare Mutiple quotes

House damage in landslide

When you apply for a homeowners insurance plan there is a lot of personal information that will be given out.  If you apply online make sure that the website you are applying at has credentials that are appropriate for the state that you live in.  If you are calling on the phone be prepared to answer questions about yourself as well as your house.  Common questions about your house would be the square footage, year built, number of garages, if you have fire sprinkler system, burglar alarm system.   Insurance companies will check your credit and past insurance history to see if you would be at a high risk for potential claims.

There are a couple different types of insurance agents, ones that only sell the one brand home owners insurance such as Allstate.  Others insurance agents are brokers and will be able to shop for you for the type of plan that you are looking for.  Know what you house is valued at and also know all the specifications for your house this way you will get an accurate fair quote.

Be prepared to answer questions like how far is it to you nearest fire station and do you have a fire hydrant nearby.  Add up the values of your personal belongings and ask yourself if you need full coverage on everything and ask for reduced personal property coverage if it is available. 


Your home may be required to have additional coverage of flood or earthquake insurance if the mortgage lender decides this as a requirement.  To purchase flood insurance call NFIP at 1-800-427-4661 or call your local agent for help.  Earthquake insurance is available by both state programs as well as insurance company additional coverage plans.  Not all companies have there own earthquake plan, but you are able to get state coverage.  Be aware that the coverage on the earthquake insurance has very high deductibles and can be well into the $40,000 your share.  If you live near fault lines and have a mortgage more than the deductible it would be a good idea to have earthquake coverage.  You can purchase earthquake insurance from any local agent.


You can shop both on the internet for home insurance as well as through local agents.  The good part of the online is that you can compare the quotes and decide the most cost effective solution where an agent may not be the best at quoting what you want, but may help may make the process of getting the insurance easier. Previous page

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By Nicole Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer





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