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High Gas Prices along with Shortages cause Consumers to Save Money and Use Less Gas

September 5th, 2005

High Gas Prices along with Shortages cause Consumers to Look to Save Money and Use Less Gas

Gas Prices Soar

Gas prices are on the rise with prices around $3 a gallon across the country as President Bush taps into reserves and some southeast and Midwest gas stations close stations to minimize losses.

The prices of gas has soured enough that gas stations are sometimes opting to close the pumps or not restocking because they would not be able to compete and are not willing to lose on sales at the pump.  Some wholesale gasoline distributors have been limiting the amount a station can purchase to prevent hoarding in the retail market.

Customers have become more concerned about not being able to get gas due to the closures of the gas pumps.  Despite the high prices and the financial crunch the gas prices have on people, they still are willing to buy the gas out of necessity.

Places were there has been reports of gas stations not restocking gas were in Atlanta, parts of North Carolina, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Arizona.


Cambridge Energy Research's Daniel Yergin said "Depending on what we learn in the next few days this may be the biggest oil-supply shock since the 1970s. We are now in the days of reckoning,"

Here are some tips for maintaining your vehicle to be more fuel efficient.  Try driving a smaller fuel efficient car instead of a SUV or van.  Improve gas performance up to 25% by getting a tune up on the vehicle.  Make sure your car has steel-belted radial tires; this will help with up to a 10% increase in fuel efficiency.  Use the cheapest gas if you can and only if your car is not making noises.  Make sure that you check your tire pressure weekly.  If your tire pressure is under inflated you can use 30% more gas to get around town.


When driving the car use these strategies to conserve fuel.  Donít let your car idle to warm up as it will waste around one quart of gas every 15 minutes.  Accelerate gradually and evenly with no fast pedal to the metal driving.  Try to anticipate driving situations before you arrive to them by letting off the gas gradually to slow down before putting on the break.  Drive at a steady pace on the highway and try not to drive to fast or to slow.  It can take 30% and 20% more gas by driving at speeds that are 50 mph and 70mph.

You can also save money on gas by sharing rides with others going to and from work and school.  Also plan your shopping trips so that you get more done each time when you drive around town.  Walk or ride a bike to places if you can, not only will you save money on gas you will get exercise at the same time.


Alternative fuel vehicles that use Ethanol based fuel may become common.  Ethanol is derived from fermented corn and is a booming market in the Midwest. At only 85 cents a gallon it has the potential for people to make the switch.


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By Nicole Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer







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