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Clothing Trends donít fit the Plus Size Ladies

September 10, 2005

Clothing Trends donít fit the Plus Size Ladies

Flared pants

I admit it; I am a heavier lady at this point in my life.  I have kids and not a lot of time to get my fashion sense in line, so when I would go to the store I would go the pants section and find a pair of stretchy relaxed fit pants that are in between dress and sporty.  Usually all I needed to do was to put them up to me and I would know it would be ok.  It wasnít like I was going to win a beauty contest for the size I now wore.  So I picked out a couple of pairs of pants and took them home thinking I did ok.  I found out later that fashion has changed dramatically and was no longer what I liked.

To my surprise I wore the first pair of pants and they were ok at the top but the bottoms flared out and dragged on the ground all day.  It drove me nuts and I thought that it was a ridiculous thing that they have made the pants longer than usual.  The next day the second pair of pants I put on were so baggy and flared so much at the bottom, and dragged on the ground that I felt like a slob.

I was thinking at first if I got my high heel pumps out I would look ok as the pant would not scrap along the ground when I walk,  but how would I chase after 3 kids wearing stilettos.  I was already big enough did those baggy pants really make me look any thinner; I felt like the biggest I ever have been, but I wasnít any bigger than I was the day before.  It was just not flattering to the plus size person like me.


I already had worn them and knew that there were not a lot of choices at good old Wal-Mart so I got the sewing machine out and hemmed and narrowed the pants to look like normal people clothing.  I was feeling much better once they were modified and the pants no longer dragged on the ground.  I actually looked ok.

I wonder how long this fashion blooper will last as I want my regular practical pants back that donít need to be modified, that I can wear with my tennis shoes.  I am now sorry to tell you that the jean section has been invaded too.  I have now discovered that the lowered waist hip hugging pants are now available in my size.  I donít feel that the world wants to see my big belly any time soon.


I would hope that fashion never takes over completely at the stores as many of us regular folks donít want to look like a rapper or a teenager any longer.  I like practical clothes and will consider looking for another store in the future that hopefully will give me a respectable fashion sense with flattering clothes for full figures.  Even my kids had to laugh at the way I looked in the pants and were so much happier to see the hemmed and narrowed pants on their mom.

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By Nicole Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer







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