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H5N1 strain Avian Bird Flu infects 4 year old Boy

Oct. 9th, 2005


H5N1 strain Avian Bird Flu infects 4 year old Boy

H5N1 strain

Officials at the national Department of Health’s report that preliminary test show that a 4 year old Indonesian boy is infected with the deadly H5N1 strain of the avian bird flu.

They will send the blood samples for confirmation to Hong Kong and results will be known early this week.  The young boy is from Lampung which is a province on Sumatra.  Four people from Indonesia that were sick with the H5N1 strain have died since July.

Since December of 2003 there have been strains of the avian flu which have infected around 100 people with 60 dying. 

The World Health Organization warns that the outbreak and spread of the avian flu will happen and we should be prepared to manufacturer vaccines and to try to quarantine the spread.


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By Nicole Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer


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