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Melting Ice Floods Land in the Arctic Region

October 22nd, 2005

Melting Ice Floods Land in the Arctic Region

Arctic Ice melting

The Arctic thawing threatens Russian village as water rise.  The village of Bykovsky population 457 is seeing the northeast coast being sucked into the ocean at the rate of 15 to 18 feet a year.

It is predicted at this rate that homes will be lost and possibly Bykovsky will be submerged underwater in time.

There are approximately four million people that live in the Arctic Circle region.  The changing climate offers new opportunities with warmer weather, but at the same time they are under watch for the ocean waters rising.  This will not only affect the homes but also the wilderness and way of life that this culture has known.



There have been new discoveries of petroleum fields in the Barents and Kara Seas due to the defrosting ice.  There are concerns with the new oil industries polluting the environment that has been left alone.  The melting of the permafrost layer threatens the foundations of nearly 20 percent of Russian homes, factories and pipelines.  It poses a difficult situation for engineers in attempts to prevent building losses.

Not only is Russia affected, but Alaska also has its problems related to this defrosting ice.  The United States is in preparation to relocate several Inuit villages at a cost of $100 million for each village.


Global warming is no longer a speculation as now there is measurable differences of the environment that is now being seen.  It is not just the Arctic that is affected, but the whole world.  Concerns in Africa have arouse due to a one degree Fahrenheit increase in temperature for the last 1000 years with 2005 possibly being even hotter. 

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By Nicole Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer




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