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CONT. Ebay Sellers:  How to handle Ebay Customer Service Emails

Ebay Sellers:  How to handle Ebay Customer Service Emails Page2

Email is labor intensive

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Reply messages should be formatted in such a way to answer frequently asked questions.  These questions are often related to the following, paying for an item, returning an item, damaged shipments, defective items.  You will use the reply messages over and over again and will not have to type them in, just copy and paste them into the message.  This will reduce the amount of time answering the emails dramatically.  We divide the reply messages up based on topic; payments, returns, and damages for example.  Avoid sending a generic auto reply to every email that you receive with your information as customers will get angry with the lack of personal response.  If you want to send a auto reply to there email, respond with a thank your for your inquiry, please allow up to 24 hours for us to reply.

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If they are having problems paying or would like to know a total, give them a complete summary of how to pay for an auction of yours, the steps and a manual payment method if your checkout system is not working.  Applicable sales tax if they live in a certain area, along with how to look up shipping charges on your auction page.  Usually we lump together all our payment information together in one email reply because it covers all the questions. 

If they want to return an item you should have a return procedure ready to reply with.  Before replying to have them to return it, check to make sure that their item is still valid for a return as they may try to return something 6 months later.  Tell them what they need to do to return the item.  Do you want the item double boxed like you originally shipped it, do you want them to have a return number on the outside of the box.

If the item is defective you need to have addressed this issue in your terms as you may decide your procedure for return.  We found that many times the customer said an item was defective, when indeed it was not.  They just didnít want to have to pay return shipping and wanted to get a full refund.  We have since have changed our terms not to refund original shipping and we do not pay return shipping.  This has greatly reduced our returns and with the low margins you work with selling on ebay you canít really offer the full service bells an whistles to afford to loose on the shipping.

The damaged shipments must be reported to the shipping company within a certain time period or else that claim is not valid.  When the customer emails you, make sure you have specific email instructions ready to go on damaged shipping claims.  The customer must retain all the original packaging, which often time the do not.  It is important to emphasis the importance of having the item in the original packaging and having the item available for the shipping company to pickup the item to inspect it on a certain time basis.  If they know what is expected you have a better chance of meeting all the shipping companies requirements for filing a damaged shipping claim. 

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By Nicole Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer


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