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CONT. Ebay Sellers:  How to handle Ebay Customer Service Emails

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Ebay Sellers:  How to handle Ebay Customer Service Emails Page3

Minimize your email by automation

Automated email is a great help to alleviate concerns of the customer.  It will reduce the volumes of emails you will get from customers about wondering were there shipment is and if you have received payment, or shipped the order. 

We use Marketworks which is an automation tool for listing auctions, managing inventory, filing non-paying bidder notices, and re-listing and auctions the second time for free.  Marketworks connects with Ebay for the user to checkout with the system to have a link to the system.  Once the person has used the checkout and sent payment, the customer receives at our option an email to let them know that we have shipped their order.  We also during the shipping process send them and email from the shipping company with tracking information. 

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You can also integrate an import into Marketworks for tracking, but we felt that it was another step beyond what was needed for our sales.  For the most part these email help answer the most important question that will greatly reduce the amount of questions you will have in regards to shipment status.

There always will be the hostile email from a customer in regards to someone that wants there email answered within the hour.  Unfortunately, if you are a small business you are also going to be doing accounting, purchasing, and shipping.  That means that you will not be answering email all day long.  You need to try to set aside time every day for answering email. 

The less time you spend on it the better off you are, however if you do not answer email it will effect your customer satisfaction and feedback rating.  Try as much as possible to refrain from returning the nasty remarks back to them.  It can be the start of an unnecessary battle, and you just don’t have time to waste on irrelevant issues.  Be factual and to the point but do not make it personal.

You will have days when you got the flu and no one will be able to fill in for you.  That means that the email can pile up.  If you let the people know in the email that you were out sick a couple of days, this usually eases the tension a little bit as to why they have not heard from you.  You can also set up the email server to send out an auto reply whenever someone emails you to let them know that you are sick and it may take a couple days to reply.

The more communication you can provide to the customer about the buying terms and the shipping process, the happier your customer will be.  Email is a vital part of any Ebay Powerseller’s business and is just another part of the complex selling process.  Pages 1 , 2, 3


By Nicole Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer


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