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Pat Robertson TV Evangelist warns Pennsylvania Town God won't help them in a Disaster

November 12th, 2005

Pat Robertson TV Evangelist warns Pennsylvania Town God won't help them in a Disaster

Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson who is host to the TV show The 700 Club, has told people in a Pennsylvania town, that God will not help if a disaster strikes because of a vote to not teach evolution with intelligent design.

Pat said on his TV show that the people of Dover have turned their back on God.  The Tuesday vote was proposed to implement the idea of intelligent design into the story of evolution.

On The 700 Club He said, "I'd like to say to the good citizens of Dover: If there is a disaster in your area, don't turn to God, you just rejected Him from your city."


"God is tolerant and loving, but we can't keep sticking our finger in His eye forever," Mr. Robertson further stated.  "If they have future problems in Dover, I recommend they call on Charles Darwin. Maybe he can help them."  

He followed up and said that “our spiritual actions have consequences”.


The reason for Pat Robertson’s statements was because the parents of Dover students sued the school board for introducing religion with creationism in the curriculum.  This is against the US constitution of church and state.  The case was heard in federal court and ended last week, with the verdict expected to be decided the beginning of next year.

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By Nicole Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer




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