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Online Websites help Home Buyers find a Home

November 27th, 2005

Online Websites help Home Buyers find a Home

Online MLS listing

The realtor is a very important part and is a necessary part of the home buying process; however the internet offers listing online to help you find the house that is right for you.

We found that in our search for finding a home it was very helpful to search online because the real estate agent does not let you look at all the homes that are in the MLS.  It will give you an idea what the market is like and if you are getting a good buy for your money. is the most comprehensive website for a complete listing of homes for sale.   When we searched on Yahoo Real Estate the listings were limited and did not offer a wide selection. 


You can always bid on real estate on Ebay.  We looked at the current offerings on Ebay and most of the offerings are to buy timeshares.  There was some land for sale, and a couple of houses, but overall there wasnít a lot to offer. is just a referral service to get you a real estate agent.  Which the yellow pages, and other sites will do the same thing without answering a questionnaire.  You should be the one asking the questions of the agent, and it would be best to do so in person or on the phone. is a quick search that gives back a chart format of listing in major metropolitan cities.  They want you to sign their guest book to get photo and more details. 


If you are looking for a bargain, you can sometimes pick up a HUD home that is a deal.  You need to go to the website to visit the state for the listings.  Each state may have a different website.  You also need to have a real estate agent that is willing to put bids in for you.  You will find agents that do not work with HUD homes.  HUD REOís are not always available in the city that you want; sometimes the discount isnít enough for a person to want.  So it is something to checkout and keep in mind that you can sometimes offer less than the asking price in certain circumstances.  They have bid deadlines that you have to comply with; it can be an interesting way to buy a house.  Just make sure you find a real estate agent that is able to put in HUD bids. is a good website too.  They let you search the listings and view the info without filling out questionnaires of signing up.  I liked the speed it loaded.  I liked the way that you could map the property location.  The mapping is connected with Mapquest.  This is a great website and I loved it for the speed it offered.

The best listings on the internet at this time are and  These are the places online to checkout the housing marketplace. 

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By Nicole Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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