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Texas suing Sony BMG for releasing music CDís with Spyware

December 23rd, 2005

Texas suing Sony BMG for releasing music CDís with Spyware

XCP could be used for spying

Sony BMG has admitted to releasing a potential dangerous anti-piracy software inside peopleís computer through music CDís.  The state of Texas has a new anti-spyware law and is suing Sony BMG for violation.

The music CDís have a program call XCP standing for extended copy protection.  During this installation the not so nice spyware called rootkit, which is installed into the core operating system.  Another problem program is MediaMax which allows Sony to track the listening habits even if the SunnCommís liscensing agreement is rejected. 

The XCP software is extremely difficult to remove once installed unless you go to Sonyís BMG website to get the uninstaller program.  A complete list of all the music CDís that have these software programs on them are listed at sonybmg.com.  If you own one of the 52 titles released with the software you can send it in for an exchange. 


The ďMalwareĒ that it installs allows for slow overall speed and performance of your computer and running of other programs.  It has the ability to for a Internet connected computer to steal data, corrupt programs and get control over your system.  It also could potentially be used as a way to report data to SonyBMG.

After the whistle has been blown on this software, SonyBMG will not likely be spying on you anytime soon.  However, the software does open you up to others on the Internet.  It would be wise to use the uninstall utility at the sonybmg.com website to remove it.  If you plan on ever putting the music CD in the computer, you might consider taking Sony up on the voluntary recall.


In the mean time, SonyBMG is being sued by Texas because of a violation of the anti-spyware law.  If you donít have spyware software installed on your computer, make sure you install one soon, as there are many other spyware attacks that are more likely to be a threat to your system and your data.  Adaware and Spyware Doctor are just a couple programs, there are many available.

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By Nicole Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer


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