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Suicide Bombings kills 82 People in Dual Terrorist Attacks in Iraq

November 18th, 2005

Suicide Bombings kills 82 People in Dual Terrorist Attacks in Iraq


Suicide Bombers killed 74 people at two mosques in eastern Iraq and at the same time in Baghdad two car bombs targeting a westerner’s hotel killing eight Iraqis.

The mosques that were attacked were the Sheik Murad and the Khaniqin Grand.  They are both Shi’ite Muslims in Khanaqin.  The attack happened during Friday prayers.  Authorities stated that 74 people were killed with 75 people being injured. 

The hotel attack in Baghdad had blasts near the Hamra hotel.  The explosions caused the blast walls to be knocked down and it also shattered the nearby windows.  Houses nearby this expolsion were destroyed, while the hotel is still structurally sound. 


The attack in Baghdad was carried out with two suicide car bombers who were trying to get past the security wall.  It is thought that they were trying to target the Hamra Hotel.  The first was a truck that blew up near the concrete blast walls.  Around 20 seconds later another truck, larger than the first tried to drive through the wall but was not able to because the first blast did not make a big enough hole.  The second truck blew up in the same area as the first.  40 people were wounded and 8 died.

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By Nicole Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer



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