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Students File Class-Action Lawsuit for Unfair Tuition


December 15th, 2005

Students File Class-Action Lawsuit for Unfair Tuition

Tuition Fees Challenged

A group of 42 students and parents filed a class-action lawsuit against California’s public university and community college organization because they are illegally charging more for out-of-state students than illegal immigrants.

The lawsuit was filed in Yolo County Superior Court this past Wednesday. They are challenging California legislation made in 2001 which made provisions for illegal immigrants to pay the California resident fees instead of out-of state fees.


Only nine states in the United States allow illegal immigrants to pay in-state fees.  If you are a legal residence of the state you pay for in-state tuition fees, which are considerably less than an out-of-state student.  Out-of-state cost for the University of California is $24,500 per school year; compare this to an in-state student who pays around $6,700 per year.  In order for California to allow for the lower in-state cost, the student would have to attend and graduate from a California high school for 3 years.


The debate is whether California university and community college system violates US federal law which says that if a state university offers illegal immigrants in-state tuition fees, they must also offer the same rate for out-of-state students.  California as well as the other 8 states have put into effect legislations to evade the federal law.

This legal fight is about lowering costs for the out-of-state students, and challenging the law of federal law versus the state law, which are in conflict.

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By Nicole Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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