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XM Radio is now on Directv

November 26th, 2005

XM Radio is now on Directv

XM radio is on Directv

This November, Directv started broadcasting 74 XM Satellite Radio stations on channels 801 through 879.  All music styles are available from rock, pop, rap, country, classical, Opera, folk, R&B, jazz, Latino, sports, classics, show tunes, and kids tunes they are all there.  They even have a special all Christmas channel on at this time.

I didnít see talk radio however which is missing from the mix.  This replaces the Music Choice audio stations that were broadcast before and now there are 25 more channels.  You wonít get all the channels with the Total choice, Seleccion Mas, Directv basic, or Preferred Choice.   With these subscriptions you will get 50 audio channels,  you wonít get the sports, kids music channels, some of the modern music, folk, show tunes, or international music channel.  With the Total Choice PLUS, Total Choice Premier, Seleccion Ultra, and Seleccion Permier you will get 67 of the XM music channels.   With the DirectTv Para Todos they will receive all the audio channels including the 7 XM Latin Music channels.  If you are a Commercial Business customers will get all of the stations with the Latin music included. 


Check out DirectTvís website for the list of channels.  If you are a subscriber with Directv, there is a cross promotion with the XM radio for the car you can get 50% off a purchase of the Delphi XM MyFi receiver.  That does not include the subscription cost.  But if you like the broadcasts on Direct TV and you want even more channels, you might think about taking advantage of this promotional offer.


I think that XM radio is a great addition to Directv and it makes it hard for Dish Network to compete with them.  Dish Network can be less expensive on the subscription, but they offer considerably less channels.  What would be nice for the frugal minded folks out there is a by channel subscription on the smallest level.  It seems like the least expensive subscription with Direct TV is over $40.  Dish Network provides the equipment as part of the service, Directv you need to purchase the equipment.

Satellite TV is not just for people living remotely, city people are changing over because of the features offered.  Some cable companies do have movies on demand with a long list that is a unique feature which has revamped cable companies but at the same time Directv is also adding more features, one is being able to watch all multiple news, kids and sports channels on one channel (without audio) to preview what is on. 


It will be interesting to see what new features will be added to Satellite broadcasts in the future.  I think on demand viewing will be the future as the internet poses a threat to broadcasters, some broadcasters are expanding show viewing to the internet.

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By Nicole Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer



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