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Online Dating is like going on a Blind Date

November 17th, 2005

Online Dating is like going on a Blind Date

Online Blind Date

Is that person that you met on the dating website really that good looking, tall, skinny, with a full head of hair?  It can be a lot of fun meeting other single people that are available out there, however there are sometimes people that fudge a little bit in their description and they end up not to be who they say they are.

This is a reality of the online dating world.  It is a lot like going on a blind date, except you have talked with the person a bit first.  The photo they have online may be what they looked like 10 years ago.  They may be married.  But at the same time there are a lot of legitimate singles out there.

Some online dating websites have a rating system for each other.  It helps but another website to checkout is  They cover a lot of singles sites on a whole and will let you report any problems that you had with the date.  It is a good idea, their website looks relatively new, but the service they can offer to the online dating world is great. 


It doesn’t hurt to do background checks on the person that you intend to meet in person.  You can go to and type in a persons name, this can help check if they are legitimate.  If you are meeting a person for the first time, do so in a very public location.  A local coffee shop like Starbucks can be a nice place because it is a shorter date, and gives you both a chance to decide if you want to date more in the future.

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Dates can be a drag if they last a long time with someone that you are not getting along with well.  When making your profile, try to be honest.  You can always get great traffic and lots of emails with the perfect person responses, but if you are truly looking for a match, being as honest about who you are will generate a sincere interest.


By Nicole Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer

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