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How to make your Front Yard sparkle with Outdoor Holiday Decor

November 27th, 2005

How to make your Front Yard sparkle with Outdoor Holiday Decor

Fiber Optic Snowmen

One of the popular trends today, is to decorate your front yard and your house for the holidays.  It has gone beyond just the lights on the roof gable, but now it extends to lighted figures, air filled snowmen, and giant candy canes.

If your taste has to be more conservative, Pottery Barn will have the décor to fit with traditional wreaths, and topiary.  You can find winter wonderland bird nests online.

Hanging icicle lights are easy to install.  They are light weight and look dramatic.  They dangle down in an icicle pattern; you can get them in white, multi-color, purple, orange, green, and red.  The color lights usually cost quite a bit more.  These lights are relatively inexpensive to buy compared to LED rope light.


If you don’t like the chore of untangling wires each year, you might think about the rope lights.  They don’t come cheap though,  a 153 ft of Red, Green, or yellow are priced from $429.00 up to $500.00.  If you want a Blue rope light, 150 ft will cost $1,479.00 and the white rope lights will cost $1,662.00.  They are made with LED, a light emitting diode, which cost less to run and does not heat up.  You could use this year-round to decorate your yard.


Of the Snowmen, there are fiber optic 18” child snowmen stating at $49. You can get a complete family with a 26" Fiber Optic Snowman Mother or father for around $109.  The largest one we saw was a 54" Fiber Optic Plush Snowman selling for $480.00.

If assembling your own outdoor Décor is too intimidating, you can get figures of different holiday designs.  A 60" Holographic Nutcracker, 250 Multicolored Lamp sells for $81.95.  These figures can be a relatively affordable method to decorate the lawn compared to the fiber optics.  You can get giant sized figures like a 9' Nutcracker With Musket for $338.95.  You an get a complete Santa, Sleigh, Reindeer set for $389.00.

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By Nicole Wilson
Best Syndication Staff Writer



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