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Dear Democrats
July 24th 2005

Democrats Donkey Party Appeal to the for elections

Appeal to the Democrats

I am sure you have been surveying various influences upon the moods of voters and cannot help but to feel mildly optimistic about your prospects for the 2006 mid-term elections.

Americaís economic health is no longer defined by labor, production, and thrift, but by consumerism, profit, and debt. The new economic paradigm--which has been developing for most of a century--has placed the middle class in competition for wages with third-world serfs and "guns and butter" government programs has made America dependent on foreign regimes to back the public and private loans that are so necessary to sustain "the American way of life."

Open immigration has been an important tool for helping employers reduce labor costs and project an image of financial strength. The unregulated deluge of immigrants has had a negative influence on communities and culture as neighborhoods are Balkanized by language, beliefs, loyalties, and customs.

Native born Americans are witnessing the traditional promise of carving out a sustainable living and social stability replaced by the business desires to expand profit by reducing labor costs with "undocumented" aliens. This betrayal is becoming very apparent to a high percentage of the population and some of those are hiding their anger that is seething to the point of explosion. This portends horror for all of us.

Still others are abandoning any honor for commitment and moral restraint. After all, if a personís worth and talent cannot be used to provide for his family, then why keep the family? The growing percentage of single-parent house holds, as well as two-career families striving to keeping food on the table, is cultivating children who have been robbed of necessary parental nurturing. In its place are experiences that lead many children to believe that their lives are insignificant to the material and hedonistic pursuits of their parents. These children are going to grow up to feed upon the tensions mentioned above.

One advantage your party has over Republicans has been that your rank-and-file tends to sincerely empathize with those who are struggling with social pressures. Whereas Republicans, now in power, have taken the attitude that people only have to become entrepreneurial and pull themselves up by the bootstraps to become successful in this world, Democrats seem to understand that life is just a little more complicated and success more elusive than hard work and the profit motive can deliver.

Although your winsome concern for those struggling against the schemes of the rich and powerful is worthy of respect and admiration, there are some traits you have adopted that have actually added to the perils of those you seek to serve. The most damaging is your penchant to believe, in spite of evidence to the contrary, that government power has the ability to convert a living hell into a utopia. History will show that government programs only attract devious bureaucrats that realize their job security depends on perpetuating the problems you hope to eliminate.

You have also allowed your concern for the downtrodden to be hijacked by various movements that are seen as quite odious to the common person who just wants to hold his family together. Your dogmatism over policies that give public protection to intimate activities or alleviate individuals of the consequences of their practices has repulsed many voters who might, otherwise, give a fair hearing to some of you more legitimate causes.

If there is one habit youíve recently taken that has most contributed to your status as Americaís political second banana it is that you have become little more than Anti-Republicans instead of a political organization with a clear governing philosophy. It is assumed here that you have been sucked into a PR vortex created begun by Ronald Reaganís charisma during the 1980ís and the 1994 "Contract with America" strategy in which Republicans converted congressional campaigns into national referenda on partisan philosophies.

In response to the problems facing this country I have two heartfelt appeals I hope you would consider for the coming elections. First is that hearken back to the provincial traditions that made you such a stable political power for such a long period of time. Tip OíNeill asserted that, "All politics is local," and it was that local appeal that built the political machines that delivered your votes and made you a significant power. Please note that I do not believe returning to a provincial focus will make you saintly, it will only remove power from Washington and allow local governments to respond to the damage that all levels of government can cause.

My second request actually poses a risk to the future of the two-party system that has helped to cultivate the dire conditions that were defined earlier in this letter. Consequently it is a challenge, that if you are courageous enough to consider it, can lend to dismantling the GOP, which you claim to revile, but to your party as well. Doing so, however, just might preserve this nation for future generations.

It is time for the two-party system to invite the thoughts and criticisms of those of us who have abandoned it to the public debate over government policy. Those who have left the two party system are much more well-reasoned and intellectually challenging than was Ross Perot in 1992 and 1996. We have left the two parties for sound principles and have very solid philosophies of government. To continue to relegate us to the fringes of the political debate is tantamount to whistling past the political, and perhaps national, graveyard.

Thank-you for taking time to consider my thoughts regarding your future. Although you have embraced causes that I consider very damaging to our traditions and culture, I do not see that you have betrayed your constituents as have your partisan counterparts. I certainly believe that America faces threats to its future that are greater than can be answered by Anti-Republican and Anti-Democrat bickering.


By Bob Strodtbeck

Bob Strodtbeck has been writing editorial commentaries since 1993.  He has professional experiences in pharmaceuticals, radio, and education.  He has also served as a church elder in an Orlando congregation where he has made his home since 1986.

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