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No Child Left Behind Act is Misguided Education

October 28th 2005

No Child Left Behind Act is Misguided Education

No Child Left Behind

We get what we deserve when we knowingly accept a false promise. No Child Left Behind is merely an insincere catch phrase. Problems go from bad to worse when misdirected by phony objectives. Schools have 2 vital purposes: babysitting and preparing young people for the adult world. Imagine a world without schools. The most important thing is to keep those little hands and minds busy in ways that build self-confidence and an appreciation of constructive activities and others.

The “carrot and stick” approach to teaching and learning in school has led to teachers in grammar schools pushing students more and more simply to show progress in measurable areas. Funds will be withheld if each year they do not show improved school performance. My grandson is stumbling around and frustrated with third grade spelling tests that include words like “analogy, embroidered, and context“. I am sure team, and game activities would result in citizens better prepared for the world of work than pushing them into homework studies that occupy so much of their time.

The people who know most what is needed are those who must hire and fire adults, or tend to their needs in prison. This kind of networking requires leadership from above. The president should work on the problem from that direction. Once codified and assessed, the state educational establishment could set goals resulting from such input. The simple minded approach of just stuffing brains to satisfy monetary goals must stop. Hopefully we can focus effort on age appropriate goals and maybe then find ways to measure success and failure.
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By Allen Wilson
Freelance Writer and Educator

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