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Peter Jackson King Kong Movie Review - Simply Brilliantly Crafted

December 17th 2005

Peter Jackson King Kong Movie Review - Simply Brilliantly Crafted

Peter Jackson's King Kong

Peter Jackson once more brings a classic into modern mainstream movie theatres, only this time in place of small hairy-footed creatures carrying precious antique jewelry, we have one giant hairy ape carrying a kicking and screaming Anne Darrow.  However, unlike Jackson's previous film success (mainly, the final installation to the Lord of the Rings trilogy), the three hours of cinematic art passes by seamlessly and pleasantly.  So pleasantly, in fact, that I almost felt as though the credits rolled a moment too soon.

In this brilliantly crafted remake of the 1933 King Kong, modern technology and more patient audiences provide a valuable base for exploring deeper emotions and finer details in the intense relationship between Anne and Kong.  Not only is the relation explored deeper, but altered to make it more meaningful and realistic.  Gone is the constantly frightened Anne, and present is an Anne who, by the end of the film, comes to understand her hairy love interest and, perhaps, even love him in return.


The directorial execution of the film isn't the only aspect that makes this worth your ten bucks.  The acting made me take a step back and re-evaluate my opinions on certain actors.  First and foremost, who knew that Jack Black could act?  It's been difficult to separate any Jack Black character from the hilarious lead in the band Tenacious D, but here he takes a dramatic leap from the comic relief and becomes the Carl Denham I had always hoped to see.

Another stunning acting talent that emerged victoriously in this film is Colin Hanks, the son of Tom Hanks, who had previously co-starred with Jack Black in the low rated 2002 film, Orange County.  Though only a supporting role in King Kong, Colin proves that he has talent in his own right and that he is more than just his famous last name.

From a subtle glance to a frantic wave of his arms, Colin is convincing and absolutely solid in his acting ability. This film is well worth the cost of a movie ticket.  Seldom is a remake worthy of even a C rating, but this one surpasses even more original movies that have been released this year.  I give it a B+.

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By Stephanie Wilson
Freelance Writer

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