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Digital Camera Accessories Market Booms Online
November 24th 2005

Digital Camera Accessories Market Booms Online

Canon PowerShot

Most of the major technological breakthroughs in consumer electronics have been part of a larger breakthrough: converting analog information into digital information. The digital camera is one of the most remarkable instances of this shift and as the market for digital cameras grows so does the demand for camera accessories.
In the year 2000 digital cameras were the hottest item in consumer electronics and by the end of 2002 23 million U.S. households ­ nearly 20 percent ­ owned one. This year the new breed of digital SLR cameras are at the top of the Hot Holiday Gift Items list and sales are expected to increase by 13 percent. The Photo Marketing Association International says 52% of households will own a digital camera by the end of 2005.
So should you be one of the lucky ones who find a digital SLR camera under the tree this year, you can maximize your photographic skills with the right camera accessories. There are many websites where you can get advice on selecting memory, printers, lenses, filters, flashes and cleaning supplies.
The website has become a destination website for photographers around the world. It offers a bulletin board where staff experts, other photographers and professionals, like Los Angeles-based David McCullough, offer assistance to photographers wanting to upgrade their skills and their accessories. 
McCullough has been shooting people, product, fashion and architecture for 14 years and has created a breathtaking gallery of fine art photographs. McCullough’s Photography Tips are a special feature of the Samys website.
“Photography has been a journey of exploration - not only of the world around me, but of the world within me,” says McCullough.  “The online photo school, forums and bulletin board on this website are a great resource for photographers.”
The site also offers a wealth of information about how to choose your digital camera accessories, lighting and computer components to ensure you have everything you need to capture those special images
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By Michelle Ryther
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