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A Spirit Among Us - Everything Happens for a Reason Book Review

September 29th 2005

A Spirit Among Us - Everything Happens for a Reason Book Review

Book Review

Irvine Press has released a spiritually significant book entitled "The Spirit Among Us - Everything Happens For A Reason". Written by Phillip Ross and Reverend George Saunders, this remarkable book is an accounting of eighteen true stories that describe the presence of the mysterious "Spirit" that plays a major role in our everyday lives and is always present in our troubled world.

The book is an extraordinary message of hope and inspiration to those of us who sometimes are in need of evidence and affirmation that there is a greater purpose to our lives and our existence. Readers will gain a positive confirmation of the magic that the "Spirit" performs in each of our lives.

The touching, true stories include a young girl who's life is saved by her mother's unexplainable encounter with the spirit world, stories of hope and rehabilitation from the horrors of drug and alcohol addiction, a troubled young man who changes his life after a near-death experience, the change in destiny experienced by a man making a stop in the desert, and the account of a young girl during the final days of World War II.

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People of all ages will enjoy reading this remarkable book that leaves the reader will feeling of hope, inspiration, and a sense of the energy that surrounds us all during the course of our lives. Expressions of love and spiritual guidance will leave a lasting impression upon those who experience the magic contained in "The Sprit Within - Everything Happens For A Reason".

Each chapter contains "Thoughts" to summarize and offer meaningful insight to the lessons learned. These "Thoughts" can be used by each one of us in our everyday lives as guidance and inspiration. Readers will be compelled to recall the presence of the "Spirit" and the ways in which it affects our ability to face the challenges and struggles that are presented to each one of us in our lifetime.

The world in which we live can be a terrifying place filled with sadness and desperation. This remarkable book will give the reader a sense of well being and purpose, and the desire to move forward with the knowledge that there is a spiritual presence among us that guides each of our lives. You will read this book over and over again, and take with you a feeling that the world functions exactly as it should, and that we are blessed with the presence of the "Spirit.

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By Phil Saunders
Irvine Press is an independent publishing company dedicated to the production and distribution of noteworthy and spiritually enlightened books. The authors are available for book signings, media engagements, etc., by contacting Phil Saunders at 949-622-0022, 

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