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December 6th 2005


French Wine

Brother, can you spare a dime? How about a franc…a shilling…a raspbucknik? Got a wooden nickel or a bus token? We’ll take anything. We’re too proud to ride the rails…live is some hobo jungle; pick grapes so some capitalist winemaker can buy a house on the Riviera. That kind of life might have been good enough for Erich Hoffer, the famous dhimmi philosopher of the late 1930s, but he was an unbeliever; he never frequented anything but libraries, cheap gin mills and houses of ill repute. He wouldn’t have known a mosque from Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion.

How about a peso? You got a peso? There is no work for us in our homeland, the Dar al-Harb, yet we are citizens of France—born citizens; not wetbacks with the waters of the Rio Grande still dripping from our fevered brows.

We are Allah’s slaves. Do they expect us to take out their garbage, trim their hedges, cut unclean meat into strips for dhimmi fast-food restaurants? That might be good enough for Pablo and Zibignief and Wenceslaus from Poland or Rumania or Niger, but not for Mohammed or Abdullah.

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Erich Hoffer and millions of Americans struggled through the Depression without torching hundreds of cars and shouting “Jesus saves!” Sure, a few nitwits sang the Internationale, joined the Communist Part, admired Joe Stalin and wished they could have worked on a collective farm instead of for Oliver Wendell Douglas, but even they kept the violence to a minimum. Pulling weeds with Eb was better than doing time and it kept the family fed.

Mexicans crossing the border into the United States find more jobs in one day without government assistance than the Muslim populations of France and England find in months. What gives? Is it time to send Jesse Jackson to Europe as Minister Plenipotentiary for Jobs? Al Sharpton to organize boycotts? If the problem is institutional racism they can handle that. Look what they did for Rodney King. He was always getting into trouble because of institutional racism, poverty and unemployment—fighting cops, driving drunk; didn’t have a job, couldn’t hold one; that’s why he played the lottery.

Maybe one is making too much of the French riots and the London bombings. The authorities are moving swiftly to eliminate the root causes—so they say. Plans are under way in France to help minorities find jobs. With an eye on the 2007 presidential elections, Nicolas Sarkozy, France’s Minister of the Interior, favors what is called positive discrimination—affirmative action—to cut the high unemployment rates among what he once called the scum and the rabble. “Proclaiming equality before the law is no longer enough,” he said, “henceforth we also need to promote equality by (using) the law.”

All those Allahu akbars must have gotten to Sarkozy. He seems to have lost a little spine. Has he read The Age of Charles Martel by Paul Fouracre? Has she read anything by Bridgett Bardot? No? That is not good. Has he embarked on a new course? Chosen a new road? Take a look at that signpost, Sarkozy. It’s not the road to Tours; it’s the road to Mecca. No Profile in Courage there.

“We cannot continue to accept that a growing number of individuals are allotted destinies in advance,” said Sarkozy. Well, if he isn’t going to study Charles Martel, he should as least consult the teachings of Islam. If he did he would find that his destiny as a dhimmi has been already been allotted—and it is inescapable.

Bukhari: V6BGON473: “Every created soul has his place written for him either in Paradise or in the Hell Fire. His happy or miserable fate is predetermined for him.”

And what is that fate? For Muslims it is Paradise; for dhimmis like Sarkozy it is the Hell Fire, unless, of course, Sarkozy is contemplating conversion.


French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, Sarkozy’s likely opponent in the 2007 elections, did not agree. “We say that when there are inequities, we put them right,” he said. “But we must not fix them by renouncing our French model, a universal model under which each individual is respected for who he is, independent of colour. We must correct the inequalities and fix handicaps…without taking into account ethnicity or religion—which is the nature of positive discrimination.” De Villepin is standing with Ward Conerly, Sarkozy with Slick Willie.

Christiane Amanpour of CNN was on hand for the Paris burnings. Her report echoed Sarkozy. It was jobs, jobs, jobs, she said. She interviewed some of the delinquents. “Kareem says,” she reported. “It’s the only way they can express themselves. They are angry and upset. They’re saying they’re fed up…There’s nothing for us, no jobs, he says. When we look for jobs, employers look at us. They want to know our origin, our address, and that’s the end of that.”

And then some clown in the background asked what happened to the Liberte, Equalite, and Fraternite of the French Revolution. It was a good question. It stumped Opie and Alfalfa—and Blackjack Pershing too. The sad truth is it didn’t last very long.  It went out with Robespierre, the guillotine and Napoleon…with Clemenceau and Laval…with de Gaulle and Chirac. It doesn’t exist; it was a figment of Voltaire’s imagination.

But to pose a more immediate question: If Jose and Roberto can dig ditches in Mexifornia two days after crossing the border and Uncle Jed and Jethro can become sanitation engineers in Beverly Hills with less education than Tom and Huck received, why can’t Mohammed and Abdullah scratch for a living in Gay Paree? A job is a job until something better comes along. Could it be possible that jobs had little or nothing to do with the riots?

Dr. Mohammed Fadel, a professor of Arabic at the University of Virginia and at Notre Dame University, has a question and answer forum on a Muslim website (Muslims Against Terrorism http://www.rayhawk.com/classics) Perhaps Sarkozy and de Villepin should take a look at this website. Fadel was asked the $64,000 question: Can Muslims be friends with non-Muslims? No, said Fadel, not where non-Muslims engage in hostile acts against Muslims. But “Where non-Muslims maintain peaceful and friendly relations with Muslims, however, these versus simply do not apply. That this was also the understanding of medieval Muslim theologians is confirmed by the rule, accepted by a majority of jurists, that non-Muslims could exercise political power (wilaya) over Muslims so long as in so doing they were merely implementing the commands of Islamic law.”

Ah-hah! The cat is out of the bag! It isn’t about jobs, Jacques—not before, during or after the burnings. As long as France was promoting the interests of Islam against the interests of its own citizens and against the interests of the United States all was well. Nobody was talking about jobs and alienation. Then came the ban on the hijab and the angry protests of Mad Mullahs from Algeria to Zanzibar. The ban was seen as a hostile act committed by non-Muslims against Muslims in the Dar al-Harb—the war zone. If Chirac and Sarkozy and de Villepin believe Mohammed and Abdullah went a-torching because they wanted to join Uncle Jed and Jethro picking up trash or Jose and Roberto in the vineyard they are playing the cards Wild Bill Hickock had in his hand the night he was shot dead in Deadwood. France is running out of choices. They are down to dhimmitude or boothill.


By Denis Schulz
Freelance Writer  Contact Denis

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