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How to Choose a Flower Arrangement for the Death of a Loved One

December 13th 2005

How to Choose a Flower Arrangement for the Death of a Loved One

Choose the right flowers

The loss of a loved one is a very sensitive time for family and friends. On these occasions, nothing is more appropriate than sending a funeral floral arrangement that offers a physical presence of love and thoughtfulness. The beauty of a flower arrangement provides a unique opportunity to express love, sympathy, and comfort to the family as well as respect for the deceased. Here are some questions to ask yourself when selecting the perfect funeral floral arrangement.

What type of funeral floral arrangement is most appropriate?

The type of floral arrangement you choose to send depends on your relationship with the deceased and the type of funeral being held.

  • Spray- A spray is a large floral arrangement placed on an easel and is used for viewings and funeral services. They are often transported to the gravesite as well. Depending on the budget and design, floral sprays can come in 1 tier, 2 tiers, or 3 tiers.
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    Wreath- A wreath is simply a round display of various flowers or foliages and is a beautiful alternative to funeral sprays. Like a spray, it is attached to an easel and may be used at the funeral service and the gravesite service. Some wreaths can be heart shaped to give a more personal touch. They may also be arranged in the shape of a cross for deceased of the Christian faith.
  • Casket Spray- One of the most impressive funeral floral arrangements is the casket spray or casket cover. It is designed to adorn the top of the casket. Casket sprays come in a variety of sizes, covering as little as a quarter of the casket or spanning the entire length of the casket.
  • Inside Casket Piece- This flower piece is made specifically to be placed inside the casket. It usually includes a small bouquet of flowers, a garland, or a small wreath that is placed on the inside lid of the casket for open casket services.
  • A growing trend in choosing a funeral floral arrangement is designing one that reflects the personality of the deceased. Toys or special objects related to your loved one’s favorite hobby or pastime are commonly used in personalized tributes. Almost anything can be incorporated into a funeral floral arrangement.

    What color of flowers should I use in a funeral floral arrangement?

    The colors of flowers can greatly influence the atmosphere of the service or reflect the personality of the deceased. A funeral for someone whose death was sudden or unexpected is often accompanied with significant pain and grief. The colors used in the funeral floral arrangement for this type of funeral might remain somber to show respect and sympathy. Alternatively you may choose to use brightly colored flowers as a way to celebrate a loved one’s long life or vibrant personality.

    Is it okay to send a funeral floral arrangement to the family’s home instead of or in addition to the service?


    Whether or not you are able to attend the funeral service yourself, consider sending flowers to the home of the bereaved. A traditional bouquet or a basket arrangement will express your condolences to the entire family during this difficult time. You may also consider sending a flower arrangement long after the funeral has taken place. Many people experiencing such a loss will appreciate your thoughts in the weeks and even months following the funeral. A message telling them you are thinking of them will show the bereaved that no matter how much time passes, they can count on you for support.


    By Amber Sell
    About the Author: Amber Sell is a content specialist with 10x Marketing in Orem, Utah. For more information in regards to funeral floral arrangements, please feel free to contact Floral Fashions today.

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