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Are You Marketing Your Website?

October 31st 2005

Are You Marketing Your Website?

Bob's Website

Now that your site is built, youíve sent out postcards, emails and a newsletter announcement. So now what?

Please donít abandon your website. You need to monitor the returns on your investment. So here is a simplified list of tasks you need to perform to keep your marketing efforts up-to-date.

For Your Website

1. Check your website statistics on a weekly basis.

2. Keep an eye on your competitionís activities.

3. Keep a list of keywords and search terms handy and test them periodically in your site.


4. Encourage prospective clients and colleagues to visit your site.

5. Resubmit your url to major search engines every 4 months.

6. Always check for link possibilities.

7. Update your blog with fresh material at least once a week.

8. Add new copy content and change your offerings every few months to encourage visitors to keep coming back.

For Marketing Your Website

1. Check your email lists to make sure they are updated. Add new accounts and clean out defunct ones.

2. Prepare a new email every 2 weeks and blast to your customers.

3. Make sure you spam check your emails.

4. Advertise offline to encourage people to visit your site and integrate upcoming offline promotions with your Web site.

5. Create affiliate programs and evaluate periodically.

6. Have a Pay-Per-Click campaign ready.

7. And lastlyÖ always keep testing!

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By Robert Speyer
Bob is Co-Founder, President of Web Success Team and Speyergraphix Design Studio.  Bob and his team can handle all of your offline design and advertising needs.  Contact Bob

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