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Where Are Your Potential Customers Searching Online?

November 17th 2005

Where Are Your Potential Customers Searching Online?

Search is changing

Customers search habits are rapidly changing to the Internet. Now your fingers are using the keyboard not the Yellow Pages. Businesses must gear up for this NEW REALITY.
Local Search Marketing Is the Next Tsunami. As a local business, you can no longer ignore these facts. If you want to compete and survive, you must have a presence where your customers are searching. Local search marketing is vital to the future of your business. Here are a few important areas to consider:
1) The Major Search Engines Search Engine Optimization for higher rankings and pay-per-click advertising for more targeted web presence.
2) Internet Yellow Pages This growing service is rapidly replacing the traditional yellow page directories
3) FREE Local Directories and Portals Identifying these online resources and taking advantage of these valuable opportunities is a must for your business. The Web Success Team can make several recommends based on your business model.
4) Regional and Industry Specific Directories There are numerous directories that focus on specific types of businesses and services and will list them geographically or by industry as well as national directories that will offer localized business information.
5) Paid Listings There are paid listings in local resources, yellow pages, search engines and directories, but you must be selective, since most will waste your money. Deciding factors will be if they target your prospective customer base and have significant qualified traffic. In all cases, you must track and analyze your results.
The trend is clear, backed up with some rmarketing stats from the Kelsey Group:
  • 74% of U.S. households use the Internet to find local shopping information.
  • 45% of local searches had intent to buy.
  • 16% decline Yellow Page directories usage, shifting to online.
Local search marketing is the next big marketing push on the Internet. Act now and stay way ahead of your competition. The Web Success Team can help open the door to this growing Internet market. Contact us today at the Web Success Team or us call at (818) 222-5643

Also visit us at for all your offline design and advertising needs.
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By Robert Speyer
Bob is Co-Founder, President of Web Success Team and Speyergraphix Design Studio.  Bob and his team can handle all of your offline design and advertising needs.  Contact Bob

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