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The Wall Street Journal Interviews Web Success Team Client

November 27th 2005

The Wall Street Journal Interviews Web SuccessTEAM

Cherryl Weaver

The Web Success Team has developed Hot LA Neighborhoods’ website as an out of the box direct response solution to set Cherryl Weaver and her business apart from the mass of real estate agents.
Innovative Web Marketing works! The web is about implementation and experimentation. At the end of the day, it is also about results. The Web Success Team customer and successful real estate expert, Cherryl Weaver, was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal Online for her participation in a new and innovative form of Web advertising — buying advertising pixels that link to her website — resulting in driving more traffic and increasing her web presence.
The Journal wrote… “One advertiser, Cherryl Weaver, says she's seen a 13% jump in traffic to her real estate Web site, www.hotlaneighborhoods.com , from the 1,500 pixels she bought. "As long as it's a strategic alliance, it makes sense," Ms. Weaver says, alluding to the affinity between a personal-finance site and real estate. "Would I team up with McDonald's if they did a dream page? No."
The TEAM is interested in growing your business online with our proven marketing strategies and techniques. Put the Power of Internet to work for you with Direct Response Web Development and Marketing. Contact us today at the Web Success Team or us call at (818) 222-5643

Also visit us at www.speyergraphix.com for all your offline design and advertising needs.
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By Robert Speyer
Bob is Co-Founder, President of Web Success Team and Speyergraphix Design Studio.  Bob and his team can handle all of your offline design and advertising needs. 
Contact Bob

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